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Busy sole trader? You don’t have to wear EVERY hat in business…

“Mommy, a calculator will help you to work faster, just don’t tell anyone!”

Lily, aged 6 and 3/4

These wise words were uttered by my daughter during one of her many ‘pep talks’. I receive such nuggets of fabulous advice on a regular basis and it’s the innocence and excitement in such fantastic revelations that melt my heart and make the hard work worthwhile. I am a proud Mum to two beautiful girls, happily juggling my parental responsibilities, my dream bookkeeping business and a fulfilling home life.

I know how daunting and sometimes downright scary it can be to take the plunge and go it alone as a sole trader. There are an awful lot of ‘what if’s’ and potential minefields that line the sparkly promising road to self-employment. Whilst exciting and fulfilling, setting up your own business can often mean wearing an awful lot of hats at any one time.

When I set up my own business I fast became my very own marketing manager, IT consultant, legal eagle, social media expert, administrator, receptionist and glorified tea girl. Overnight. What I’ve gleaned from the process of trying to wear every single one of these hats in a very handsome fashion, is the realisation that it’s ok to ask for help. I am not a ‘Jack of All Trades’ and I do want to get SOME sleep. Otherwise, I couldn’t do my dream job properly and help people who are looking for that sprinkle of fairy dust on their accounts to make the numbers make sense and the figures stack up.

In my search to find suitably talented people to wear the hats that just didn’t fit my tiny little head, I’ve met some knowledgeable, inspirational and downright ‘lovely people’ in business. In my forthcoming blogs I hope to provide other small business owners with some useful advice, an insight into the advantages of keeping the numbers in check and some tips on how to make your bookkeeping work for you.

I’d love to read your comments, feedback, questions, even your own ‘juggling sole trader’ stories…. so please feel free to post a comment. If I can help you by wearing the bookkeeping ‘hat’ for you or if you’d just like a bit of friendly advice then please email me at

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Nov 01, 2021

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